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Time-Critical Divestiture
Client Need Our Solution

After the sale of a holding company's bank to another holding company, it was determined that dozens of commercial loan files were co-mingled with a portfolio, not involved in the sale. The purchasing bank needed to separate its data before the legal closing of the sale. This interim step was needed to keep the two banks separate until the purchasing bank could convert the data to their systems. This project had an aggressive timetable and was critical to the sale.

We analyzed the file system and created a specification that documented how the files were to be split and how the naming conventions were to be utilized. Next, we developed the programs and JCL (Job Control Language) needed to perform the file split, unit tested, and resolved any defects. The client performed its acceptance testing while we developed our implementation plan. The client then "signed off" on the project; we performed the separation of the files in time for the sale to be completed. We met the needs of the client by successfully delivering the project in only four weeks.

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