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Our Services

Breeze Systems technicians have a wide-variety of skills. We are likely to already possess a deep understanding of the technologies you are utilizing. There is very little which is totally new to us. Click here to learn more about us and see our capabilities. We hope you will find that we're an excellent fit for your project and organization.

Large-Scale Project Management
We are experienced at working within large organizations and interfacing with many departments, such as Project Management, Output Automation, Online Systems, Transaction Systems, Finance, Accounting, DASD Management, Tech Support, and more. This experience is particularly important when working on conversions, application interfaces, and major enhancements that may affect upstream and downstream applications.

Conversions, Mergers and Divestitures
We perform numerous conversions for large banks. By utilizing our team to plan, develop and execute a company’s conversions, we allow a client’s staff to stay focused on internal development and support. Conversions require a great deal of planning and attention to detail - something upon which our team prides itself. We have performed numerous conversions for clients such as LaSalle National Bank, First Chicago, SunTrust and Fifth Third Bank.

Additionally, we have performed several Enterprise COBOL conversions. This includes identifying and making the necessary coding changes, parallel testing, and implementation. We have converted thousands of modules.

Commercial Loan Systems
Several of our team members, including our company founder, have decades of experience with the AFS LEVEL III Commercial Loan System. Thanks to client referrals and professional associations we have been involved in many Commercial Loan projects. These projects include conversions, interfaces, new releases, code retrofits, and the addition of custom features.

Application Interfaces
We have developed numerous application interfaces between loan systems and general ledger, wires, teller, deposits, and collection systems.

Our Technical Skills
The following is a partial list of the platforms, languages, and applications are at your disposal through Breeze Systems:

OS/MVS, VM/CMS, VSE, OS400 MS Windows XP, Vista & Linux

COBOL, REXX, EzTrieve, SAS, Win Batch


IBM Mainframes, AS/400 and PCs

TSO/ISPF, CICS, MQ Series, IDCAMS, MVS Utilities, AFP, File-Aid, Star Tools, Librarian, ChangeMan, Endeavor, Turnover, Intertest, Xpediter, CA-7, CA-11, AFS CL,IL, TAMI, RATE, NAAD & DEPS, Info-point Deposits, EA, CL, IL & MICM