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About Us

Founded by Dennis Brizzi in 2003, Breeze Systems, Inc. evolved from an independent development group which had been serving the business community since 1993 under Dennis' leadership. Having retained many of the associates and alliances developed through Dennis' career, Breeze Systems is perfectly positioned to offer a wide variety of skills and capabilities.

Our team is highly adept at executing complicated changes on large business applications. We have the skills to navigate the bureaucratic traffic jams and logistical nightmares of many large businesses. You will be pleased to know that we've dealt with a variety of projects.

We identify and open channels with all stakeholders and keep everyone "in the loop" with a coherent, integrated development plan that everyone will understand.

We specialize in medium to large-scale projects.

  • Mainframe Banking Applications
    • Commercial Loans
    • Installment Loans
    • Deposits
    • Wires
    • Exception Processing
  • Mainframe & mid-range Insurance Applications
  • Conversions
  • Application Interfaces
  • Application Enhancements & New Features
  • Regulatory Reporting & Compliance modifications
  • Production Support
  • Code retrofits

Our skills, experience, and attention to detail set us apart from our competitors. No single firm will work harder than ours to complete your project accurately, within budget, and on time -- even under challenging deadlines.

We invite you to request a proposal today!